AD&D Insurance

Accidental Death and Dismemberment

Accidental death & dismemberment insurance pays a cash benefit
in the event of an accidental death or certain injury.

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Benefits of Coverage

  • Guaranteed acceptance – no health questions or medical exams.
  • Coverage available at a cost-effective, monthly rate.
  • Cash payout is often not subject to income-tax.
  • You’re covered whether at home, at work, on vacation or during travel.

Additional Benefits with TruStage

The Increasing Benefit: The longer you keep the coverage, the value of your Additional Coverage automatically increases each year at no added cost to you.  If you live in

  • Massachusetts by up to 5% – up to a total of 50% over 10 years
  • Rhode Island by up to 6.5% – up to a total of 65% over 10 years

Hospital Benefits: If you or your covered spouse or child is hospitalized within one year due to injuries caused by a covered accident, and are confined for more than seven consecutive days, we will pay a hospital benefit from the first day of confinement. The benefit will equal 1% of the Additional Coverage for that person for each full month of confinement, up to $1,000 a month or $12,000 a year.

Frequently asked questions

There would not be any benefits paid out under TruStage AD&D due to hospitalization related to an infectious disease. Hospitalization benefits under AD&D are limited to those that are related to a covered accident under the policy.1

TruStage AD&D does not cover deaths due to natural causes, including viruses.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment insurance pays a cash benefit if you die in a covered accident. It also pays benefits for covered injuries caused by an accident, including loss of eyesight, hearing, or speech, or the loss of a hand, foot, eye, thumb or index finger. You can use this money to cover any expenses you have while you focus on recovery.

AD&D is not life insurance, but it can be a good complement to life insurance, enhancing your overall protection and adding coverage for specific injuries from accidents. You can choose coverage amounts between $10,000 and $300,000.

Yes! If you opt to pay the monthly premium for an Additional Coverage amount, you can also cover your spouse and dependent children at a slightly higher cost when you add the Family Plan.

The Family Plan can cover your spouse at 50% of the coverage level you choose. Dependent children will be covered for 20%. If you have no dependent children, your spouse will be covered for 60%. If you do not have a spouse, each of your dependent children will be insured for 25% of the coverage level you choose. Some features may vary by state.

Your no-cost AD&D insurance lasts as long as you remain a member of a participating credit union or until you decide to terminate it.

Your Additional Coverage lasts as long as your payments are made.

Purchasing Additional Coverage includes the Increasing Benefit, which means the longer you have the coverage, the value of the Additional Coverage could increase each year by 5 percent for up to a total of 50 percent over 10 years, at no added cost to you. For example, a $100,000 Additional Coverage amount could be $150,000 after 10 years of being active.

From age 18 to 69, your coverage can’t decrease for any reason. At age 70, however, the full amount of coverage you have will decrease by 50 percent. Some features may vary by state.