Community  Giving

Coastal1 Credit Union supports the communities in which we live and work in a variety of ways. Financial support is available to qualifying organizations that positively impact the community at large.

Types of Funding Opportunities Available:

Charitable Contributions are donations to qualified 501 (C) (3) organizations as defined by the Internal Revenue Service to support in the delivery of services and programs.

Sponsorships are financial contributions made to qualified nonprofit organizations as defined by the Internal Revenue Service. Sponsorship amounts are based on alignment to priority areas identified by Coastal1 and the type of activity being proposed.

In-Kind Donations can encompass gifts with the Coastal1 Credit Union logo for charitable auctions, donations of equipment, expertise, facilities, technical resources, and participation of staff in volunteer activities.

Coastal1 Credit Union unfortunately cannot support every project that seeks funding. Therefore, to assist in determining if it is appropriate to submit a proposal, you should know that we will not review requests that fall into the following categories:

  • Individuals
  • Colleges and universities (non-capital campaigns)
  • Fraternal or political organizations
  • Trips, tours, transportation costs, seminars and conferences
  • Scientific and medical research
  • To cover operating deficits
  • Annual operating support
  • Endowments
  • Payment on loans (including loans from Coastal1 Credit Union)
  • Local chapters of national health

You may apply online or in writing on official organization stationary (we do not accept proposals via fax). Proposals must contain the following:

  • Organization name, address and name of Executive Director
  • Contact person, title and telephone number
  • Amount requested
  • Brief description of the organization’s mission
  • Current list of Board of Directors
  • Geographic area & target population served by the organization
  • Brief description of the purpose for funds requested
  • Project budget (if applicable)
  • IRS letter confirming tax-exempt status, 501 (C) (3)

It will take approximately 4 weeks for a request to be reviewed by the Corporate Investment Committee. A site visit and additional information may be required prior to a final determination.

Please be advised that we make every effort to assist as many organizations as possible in the communities that we serve. To accomplish this we ask that requests for donations, advertising, sponsorship, and grants be limited to a consecutive three-year period for each organization. After this three-year period, organizations are asked to suspend funding requests for at least one full calendar year before re-applying.