Financial  Literacy

Coastal1 has been leading financial literacy efforts in RI for nearly 20 years and offers the largest educational program of its kind in the state. We partner with more than 20 organizations including area junior high and high schools, transition academies, and summer work programs to bring real world decision-making lessons and experience to students both online and in-classroom.

Kim Denny

Kim Denny

VP of Training & Development


In-Class Learning

Our program, based on of the National Endowment for Financial Education’s High School Financial Planning Program, helps students identify their money management goals, develop a budget, understand the cost of using credit, learn about banking products and develop skills to become informed consumers.

  • Experienced presenters deliver quality financial education lessons to students.
  • Presentations can reiterate lessons already being taught in class or introduce a new, practical subject to benefit students.
  • We collaborate with teachers to help them achieve their educational goals by tailoring lessons to meet students’ needs.
  • Coastal1 is flexible in accommodating various schedules.
  • In conjunction with NEFE materials, presenters tie in many resources to provide current, useful curriculum to students.
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Online Learning

Coastal1 Credit Union is proud to support RI schools with the sponsorship of EVERFI’s computer-based financial literacy tool, helping teachers integrate additional resources into their lesson plans.

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Real World Day

For over a decade, Coastal1 has hosted Real World Day — where high school students can apply classroom lessons in a hands-on, engaging environment.

  • This authentic learning experience allows students to see how financial literacy lessons play out in real life.
  • Real World Day provides teachers an immersive teaching tool they may not be able to provide on their own.
  • Students have the opportunity to interact with professionals from the community.
Coastal1 Community Event: Real World Day

Community Workshops

A sample of financial literacy topics we present are listed below.

  • Financial Wellness – attendees learn how they can make financial wellness part of a healthy lifestyle. We review types of financial health indicators, what they mean and offer tips for staying financially fit.
  • Financial Recovery – this workshop assists attendees in developing a roadmap to financial recovery. Action steps include how to addresses past credit mistakes, build savings, and create a spending plan.
  • Debt Warning Signs – most people have debt, but carrying too much debt can lead to a financial crisis. This workshop address warning signs and strategies to follow in order to avoid getting in over your head.
  • Understanding and Protecting Your Credit – this workshop outlines what a credit report is and offers a basic understanding of what the information represents. Strategies to help prevent identity theft are also addressed.

We can also customize a workshop to best suit your needs. For more information, please contact our Financial Education Coordinator.

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